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Types of Online Counselling

Counselling via Phone

Phone sessions are a great way to conveniently speak with your counsellor by simply logging on using the link Roberta will send you.
To talk with your counsellor over the phone, you will need to schedule a time with Roberta and she will call you at the time of your session.

Counselling via Video Call (Zoom)

Video chat allow you to access counselling anywhere as long as you have internet access. This is very convenient for people as you can access therapy in the comfort of your own home.
To talk with your counsellor over video chat, you will need to schedule a time with your counsellor and log in using the link that Roberta will send you.
You must internet connection and a webcam/camera on your phone, laptop or tablet to avail of this service.

Counselling via live Instant Messaging (Zoom)

This allows you to have a live text conversation with Roberta. This way you can still enjoy the convenience and privacy of messaging but also enjoy a "live" interaction that allows instant response and feedback from your counsellor.
To have a live chat session, you will first need to schedule a time. At the scheduled time, you will log in using a link that Roberta will send you. Then you can start typing and chatting with Roberta.

You must have internet connection to avail of this service.

Guidelines for online / phone counselling

Make sure you are in comfortable space where you can hear.
Use earphones where possible to help with background noise and to give you more privacy.
If you are using your phone, make sure to turn off notifications before your session to avoid distractions.
Have a glass water and tissues available.
If you live with others, make sure they have clear instructions not to disturb you.
If possible use a laptop / iPad as opposed to your phone so as not to get distracted.
Ensure your internet connection is running well.
If you experience issues with you internet connection please let me know and we can organise to do the session by phone instead.

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